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Laws and Regulations

Decree number 11404, relating to mandatory concrete standards (dated 08/05/2014; modified decree number 1032 dated 30/07/1999)

This decree pertains to the steel destined for use in reinforced concrete. It replaces and modifies decree 1032 and establishes Lebanese standards NL 49, NL 50 and NL 51 as mandatory standards for reinforced concrete.

Decree number 5412, relating to LIBNOR employees (dated 10/11/2010)

This decree defines designations and count of employees, sets the rules relating to the appointment/recruitment of employees in LIBNOR. It defines working hours and overtime hours remuneration calculation, termination of service, leaves, notices, penalties, transportation, etc.)

Decree 10155, relating to mandatory medical devices standards, dated 22/03/2013

This decree was issued on March 22, 2013 and it establishes some Lebanese Standards related to cardiovascular and neurosurgical implants, anesthetic and respiratory equipment, stretcher specifications, syringes, fittings for syringes and information supplied by manufacturers, as Mandatory Lebanese Standards.

General Regulation for Lebanese Public Institutions (dated 13-12-1972)

This regulation sets general legal and administrative requirements that must be observed by Lebanese public institutions (top management, government delegates, transfers from a public institution to another, etc.)

Decree Number 14293 relating to Requirements for General Safety in Buildings, Facilities and Elevator Equipment and Fire and Earthquake Prevention, dated 11-03-2005

This decree determines the general safety and fire and earthquake prevention conditions and requirements that must be available in buildings, other facilities and elevators.

Law dated 23-07-1962 – Establishment of a public entity called “The Lebanese Standards Institution” (amended on 5-12-1962)

This law was enacted by the Lebanese Parliament and it covers the roles and tasks that LIBNOR has to undertake (Standardization, NL Conformity Mark, Training, Enquiries, etc.) and the composition of the Board of Directors and it nominates LIBNOR as the Representative of the Lebanese Republic in International and Regional standardization activities.