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Laws and Regulations

Decree no. 5707, relating to mandatory protective clothing and equipment standards, dated 01/10/2019

Decree no. 5708, relating to mandatory contraceptives standards, dated 01/10/2019

Decree no. 5704, relating to mandatory child use and care articles standards, dated 01/10/2019

Decree number 11404, relating to mandatory concrete standards (dated 08/05/2014; modified decree number 1032 dated 30/07/1999)

This decree pertains to the steel destined for use in reinforced concrete. It replaces and modifies decree 1032 and establishes Lebanese standards NL 49, NL 50 and NL 51 as mandatory standards for reinforced concrete.

Decree 5382, relating to Mandatory Construction Standards, dated 05/11/2010

This decree was issued on November 5, 2010 and it establishes Lebanese standards NL 20:2010 as a mandatory Lebanese standard for Vitreous China Sanitary Appliances.

Decree number 5412, relating to LIBNOR employees (dated 10/11/2010)

This decree defines designations and count of employees, sets the rules relating to the appointment/recruitment of employees in LIBNOR. It defines working hours and overtime hours remuneration calculation, termination of service, leaves, notices, penalties, transportation, etc.)