Heating Systems in buildings - Design and installation of direct


Document Number: NL EN 14337 : 2020
Sector: Construction Materials and Building
TC: NL TC 3018
ICS: 91.140.10 - 97.100.10
This document specifies the design criteria for electrical heating systems in individual and collective residential buildings, the commercial and industrial building sector. This doucment covers fixed electrical heaters which emit heat directly into space by use of electricity only. The following systems are included: — electric instantaneous heating systems: — natural or fan convector heaters; — radiant panels; — radiators / resistance heaters; — ceiling heating; — infra-red and quartz linear heaters; — thin slab floor heating; — wall heating. — electric non-instantaneous heating systems: — full slab floor heating; — room storage heaters; — room storage fan heaters. This document does not cover radiant electric fires, movable heaters or electric heating systems that require a transfer medium outside of the appliance to deliver heat into the space. Examples of such systems include: — air conditioning or cooling systems; — unitary heat pumps; — window, through the wall and split system; — warm air distribution systems; — central storage serving hot water radiator or warm air systems; — hot water production, either storage or direct; — any individual appliance serving more than one room. Requirements for installation, commissioning, and operation maintenance and use of direct electrical heating systems are excluded from this document. This document does not overwrite national regulations. This document does not override or add to requirements in appliance standards.