Véhicules routiers — Degrés de protection (codes IP) —


Document Number: NL ISO 20653 : 2020
Sector: Road Vehicles Engineering
TC: NL TC 22
ICS: 43.040.10
This International Standard applies to degrees of protection (IP code) provided by enclosures of the electrical equipment of road vehicles. It specifies the following: a) Designations and definitions of types and degrees of protection provided by enclosures of electrical equipment (IP codes) for the: — protection of electrical equipment within the enclosure against ingress of foreign objects, including dust (protection against foreign objects); — protection of persons against access to hazardous parts inside the enclosure (protection against access); — protection of electrical equipment inside the enclosure against effects due to ingress of water (protection against water). b) Requirements for each degree of protection. c) Tests to be carried out in order to confirm that the enclosure complies with requirements of the relevant degree of protection.