Natural stone products - Dimensional stone work - Requirements


Document Number: NL EN 12059: 2018
Sector: Construction Materials and Building
TC: NL TC 59
ICS: 91.100.15
This European Standard specifies requirements for the following stone units: A- Structural solid stone units: i. Load bearing stone elements, typically subject to prevailing compression stresses, such as solid columns, arches and similar; ii. Solid stone elements used for parapets, handrails, balustrades, copings and the like, intended to withstand horizontal live loadings in addition to any dead load. b- Finishing solid stone units: i. Curved cladding panels, for the external finishing of walls, columns or pilasters; ii. Stone elements for framing one or more side openings in building walls or floors, such as sills, jambs, architraves and similar. This European Standard does not include stone masonry units, as defined in EN 771-6, stone which is a ‘caston’ finish to pre-cast concrete or agglomerated stones. Moreover it does not cover commemorative or funeral stones and sculptures, when they do not show the above mentioned characteristics