High-pressure decorative laminates (HPL) - Sheets based on thermosetting resins (usually called laminates) - Part 3: Classification and specifications for laminates less than 2 mm thick intended for bonding to supporting substrates


Document Number: NL EN 438-3:2018
Sector: Chemical Technology
TC: NL TC 61
ICS: 3.140.20
This European Standard applies to laminates less than 2 mm thick produced by using an high pressure process, normally intended for bonding to supporting substrates to produce HPL composite panels and establishes a classification system for high-pressure decorative laminates according to their performance and main recommended fields of application, including materials with special characteristics, for example formability or defined reaction to fire. This European Standard also specifies requirements for the properties of the various types of laminates covered by this classification system. High-pressure decorative laminates are characterised by their qualities, durability and functional performance. HPL sheets are available in a wide variety of colours, patterns and surface finishes; they are resistant to wear, scratching, impact, moisture, heat and staining; and possess good hygienic and anti-static properties, being easy to clean and maintain. EN 438-2 specifies the methods of test relevant to this European Standard. EN 438-4, EN 438-5, EN 438-6, EN 438-7, EN 438-8 and EN 438-9 are reserved for special types of HPL materials